• How to Celebrate the Mom(s) In Your Life

    How to Celebrate the Mom(s) In Your Life

    If you are lucky enough to have a mother in your life – whether it be from birth, through marriage or friendship, or even a work mom – I encourage you to take the time to honor her this Mother’s Day. All mothers deserve to be celebrated and here are just a few ideas to share your love and appreciation.

    1. Ask your mom to share stories about her own mother.
      Sit down and give your mom the one thing that she can never have too much of – your time. Ask her to share stories about her own mother and childhood. What fun things did she do to celebrate her mom? You may be surprised where the conversation and stories lead you.

    2. Help tackle her to-do list or lingering projects.
      Has the flower bed seen better days? Plan a few hours to freshen it up with new foliage, flowers, and mulch. Not only will she be thrilled with the completion of the project, but she’ll think of you every time she steps outside to enjoy the new landscape. If mom is unable or not interested in the outdoor labor, be sure to set up a shaded area for her to sit and enjoy your company.
    1. Prioritize self-care for mom.
      Kick off Mother’s Day by indulging in a shared at-home treatment or gifting mom a day at the spa. Whether it be a lotion in mom’s favorite scent or a luxurious 90-minute massage, mom is bound to feel loved and appreciated if you recognize her ongoing hard work with a little self-care time.

    2. Host a brunch – or tea party!
      Break out that beautiful dishware that you never get to use or pick up some fun vintage pieces to host a Mother’s Day brunch. If the weather is nice, take it outside and consider making it a traditional English tea party! No one will tell if you choose to serve mimosas in those fancy teacups!
    1. Create a cozy wine tasting event.
      If your mom is a wine lover, stock up on a few of her favorite varieties and host your own private wine tasting. Complete the experience with some fun background music, a tasty charcuterie board, and maybe create a tasting card so that mom can rate each wine.
    1. Grab some fresh air and head to the park!
      Treat mom to a walk in the park with a scenic picnic. Does your town have a beautiful waterway or seaside? Rent a boat and take mom for a cruise! Here in Franklin County, we have plenty of parks and waterways to relax and unwind – and there’s no better person to enjoy it with than mom.

    Whatever you choose to do this year to celebrate the mother(s) in your life, genuinely sharing your love and appreciation for her is guaranteed to make her smile.