She Hammers Jewelry

“We” are a one woman, one dog, jewelry operation. I take care of the ordering, fabricating, marketing, and selling - while Miss Abbey monitors the time. She reminds me that outdoor fun will be had!

My method of making one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces is simple - I bring flame to metal. I take both as far as either will allow.  These elements are responsible for the beauty they create together. I come to the metal smith trade honestly. I am a craftsperson by nature, using skills honed over time, in two very different careers - one being a blasting engineer, and the other as a certified chef. Life experience has brought me to this place in time, on a path, unlike any other. I draw inspiration from the many jewelers before me. This includes the goldsmiths of antiquity, and present-day mentors.

As a result, many of my pieces are timeless - and most are fabricated to last a lifetime. Abbey and I split our time between the beautiful waters of Northern New York, and those on the Forgotten Coast of Florida.