After many years of an exciting life in India, Patrick and Natalie, along with with their friend Sendil from Pondicherry, gave birth to BLÙ NOMAD. ​

Natalie strives to provide fair work, dignity and opportunities to women in need. With a mission to support better working conditions, while respecting and showcasing traditional and ancestral hand-crafted methods. The clothes come to life through their vivaciously attractive dyes and design, through a method known as 'block printing'. Block printing is done with blocks of teak or sheesham wood.

Using a pencil, the printer traces a design onto the smooth underside of the block. Then the craftsman/(woman) carves out the design with a simple hammer and chisel. Once the design is complete, the blocks are then dipped in dye and stamped onto fabric. To create a pattern on an entire swath of fabric, printers must stamp the same block over and over; an arduous, painstaking labor of love!



Depending on the number of colors used, printing can involve multiple stages of work. For more intricate and multicolored patterns, the printer must use a different stamp for each layer of color. Traditionally, the dyes used for printing are obtained from natural sources like pomegranate, madder, indigo, and turmeric. The rich, glowing colors that are typical of Rajasthani block printing often have religious or seasonal significance. For example, indigo represents Lord Krishna, yellow is for spring, red is for love, and saffron is the sacred color of Hinduism. Some imperfections may occur and this is the beauty of hand made printing. 

All our fabrics are hand block printed and hand dyed with vegetable dyes: some variations of colors and light stains may occur and this is what makes your garment so beautiful and special. We invite you to wash your BLÙ NOMAD creation in the washing machine with a lot of love, cold water and gentle soap on a quick wash cycle. Do not use any chemical stain-remover. We recommend hand drying instead of machine drying.