The Soaperie Bar


Marie-Claire Chabat is a mother of three, wife, leading entrepreneur, and your expert in all things chic-lifestyle, beauty, and artisanal skincare products from Marseille. Born and raised in New York to a French dad and Brooklyn born mom, Marie-Claire quickly developed a taste for the enigmatic French style we've all come to desire. French living is discreet, diverse, and incredibly subtle, and Marie-Claire has recreated this aesthetic into a sensorial reality that is The Soaperie Bar.

"At The Soaperie Bar, we love to deliver the Joie de Vivre meaning, Zest for Life. Beauty is everywhere. I find it in my family, my friends, my business. Living my best life. To me, that’s beauty, so why not also have great skin while we're at it?" 

The tradition of crafting this hard soap made with 75% vegetable oils, started around 600 years ago in Marseille, France. The first soapmaker recorded goes back to 1370. The soap is made by mixing sea water from the Mediterranean Sea, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, and alkaline components into a large cauldron which is then heated for several days, stirring constantly.  The whole process of one batch of savon can take up to one month, and this is what makes Savon de Marseille so authentic.  

The Soaperie Bar soaps are crafted in Le Serail, Marseille, France which is the last artisanal and traditional soap factory of Marseille-based in "La Cité Phocéenne".