• Give Yourself the Gift of Self Care

    Give Yourself the Gift of Self Care

    Have you ever thought that you needed a vacation after your vacation? Or that the holidays feel like a giant blur of To Do lists? Maybe you feel like you’re constantly running from one task to the next, barely keeping your head above the water line.

    Here’s your reminder to

    slooooow down.


    take in the beauty of the season.

    Grant yourself the time and grace to treat yourself during these busy times.

    1. Stretch your legs and breathe in the fresh air! As the heat and humidity begin to subside here in the South, giving way to brisk and cooler mornings, take some time to soak up the refreshing feeling of the changing season. Autumn is the perfect time for thoughtful meditation; reflecting back on these last few months and anticipating the approaching New Year. What better way to embrace this personal growth than to step outside and bask in nature’s new chapter.

    2. Ease away the tensions and stresses of the day by soaking your tired body in a therapeutic salt bath. Step away from your never ending list of tasks and treat yourself to even 15 minutes. Your mind and body will thank you. Bath salts are beneficial in reducing stress, soothing skin, and easing muscular and joint pain. While Epsom salt baths are a common go-to, Himalayan and Dead Sea salts provide a different experience with additional benefits.

    3. If you don’t have time or access to a bath, luxuriate in a hot shower while using a convenient salt scrub. Salt scrubs help to slough away the dry skin that comes with cooler weather, leaving skin smoother and more even, allowing skin to absorb moisturizer more easily.

    4. Embrace the seasonal change and get cozy. Looking for some suggestions? Here are Five Ways to Embrace the Season of Cozy

    Whatever you choose as your method of self care, do it! Don't forget to honor your mind and body as you do for others!