• 5 Ways To Embrace The Season of Cozy

    5 Ways To Embrace The Season of Cozy
    Here in Florida, we are at last feeling our first spell of cooler weather. The break from summer’s heat and humidity is exciting and invigorating. As the days become shorter and a slight chill is felt in the air, why not lean into the seasonal transition and embrace fall’s coziness.  Give that A/C unit a break and open up the windows, allowing the fresh air of the new season to sweep through the house.  Take your morning coffee out on the front porch, or simply step outside and enjoy a few deep breaths of the crisp autumn air. Welcome this change of scenery and weather and get cozy.
    1. Kantha quilts are the perfect blanket for the season. They are both soft and durable, providing just enough warmth on a chilly fall day. Historically these quilts were sewn together by the women of rural India and Bangladesh from old saris and scraps of cloth. Maintaining the traditional look and feel, each handmade quilt is ideal for cuddling next to a fire or to spread out for a sunset picnic.

    2. Nothing creates a warm and cozy ambiance like a few well-placed candles. Although the Fall Harvest scent is an obvious choice for the season, these handmade soy candles come in a variety of rich and aromatic scents that are sure to please. Place one in your entryway so that guests are immediately greeted with the comforting smells of autumn. (Tip: Try the Pumpkin Soufflé scent…it will have your guests thinking that store bought pie is homemade!

    3. Take a few minutes to sit quietly and sip a warm beverage. If you’re enjoying a nice herbal tea, consider sweetening the moment with a spoonful of Tupelo honey. Tupelo honey is revered among Southerners, due to its delicate and uniquely floral taste. It is produced from the tupelo gum trees that grow along the Apalachicola rivers of northwest Florida.

    4. Cuddle up in a squishy oversized chair with a great read. While reading can be a great way to relax and unwind, reading for 15 minutes each day has also been shown to contribute to higher sleep quality, the development of emotional intelligence, and improvement of memory. Be sure to check out the mini free library found just outside Bee Inspired Too. This is a great place to find your next read or share a book for the next curious booklover!

    5. Add a little luxury to your next bath or shower with a convenient salt scrub. Salt scrubs help to slough away the dry skin that comes with cooler weather, leaving skin smoother and more even, allowing skin to absorb moisturizer more easily (Harmony salt scrubs are available in store; for more information or to purchase over the phone call 954-593-8616).