Curry Ketchup

Curry Ketchup

Epic Bites Curry Ketchup is tradition, cult, and taste in a bottle. "It has an obvious fruity tomato flavor with a little acidity, mild tang, and it's not overly sweet. This kicked-up curry ketchup is for foodies and fair trade lover folks.

Started by a chef who loves the gourmet cuisine, the same way he appreciates simple and honest food. 800 million portions a year is proof that Currywurst a really famous street food in Germany. But Curry Ketchup is not only good on grilled sausages. People who bought the ketchup got creative. As a glaze for salmon, dipping sauce for shrimps, tossed with pasta and grilled vegetables and so much more.

Available in two levels of heat. The Original is sweet and fruity and while the Fire is in the same flavor profile but with a kick from extra hot Indian chili.

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