Onyx Agate Triple Wrap Bracelet

Onyx Agate Triple Wrap Bracelet
  • Onyx Agate Triple Wrap Bracelet
  • Onyx Agate Triple Wrap Bracelet
  • Onyx Agate Triple Wrap Bracelet
  • Onyx Agate Triple Wrap Bracelet

Black Mamba

Bold and Black Triple Leather Wrap Bracelet is made with 4mm Onyx beads, 6mm Labradorite beads, black Agate and black distressed Indian leather. A Karen Hill Tribe Silver handmade button with the Om symbol imprinted is used for the adjustable loop closure (button may vary) . It measures approximately 22 inches with adjustable closure, fitting a 6 – 8-inch wrist. This bracelet stands on its own or can be combined and stacked with other bracelets from our collection or worn with a special bracelet of your own. Its beautiful colors and tones can be mixed with many looks in your wardrobe from casual to dressy.

For thousands of years, Agate has been revered in countries throughout the world. It has been said to be a healing stone and helps promote wisdom, balance and peace. Laboradite has intense colors that symbolize fantasy. It is believed to see through illusions, and help realize your dreams. Onyx was considered one of the most powerful healing stones of antiquity. It was believed to resemble an eye and therefore used to heal eye disorders. It is also believed to deflect negative energy and help achieve success. The Om brings wishes of good tidings and balance.

Bracelets arrive in a decorative canister, perfect for gift giving or storing your handmade bracelet.

4mm Onyx beads,
6mm Labradorite beads and
Black Agate beads
Black distressed Indian leather
Karen Hill Tribe Silver button with Om
Approximately 22 inches
Fits a 6 – 8-inch wrist.

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