IPA Hops Lemonade

IPA Hops Lemonade

When beer's gotten boring and soda's getting old, reach for something unique! Our alcohol-free IPA Hops Lemonade is the relaxing refreshment you've been craving. It's a great way to liven up your night and avoid that oh-please-kill-me-now hangover hell the morning after. 

We think your taste buds deserve a different kind of brew; one that fuses myriad flavors, organic fruitiness, quality German hops, and relaxo-mondo-vibes. All while being sans alcohol.

Now, we don't wanna get *too* hipster here, but this is a discerning brew of many intriguing layers. Naturally, there's that organic lemon fizz to get the flavor fiesta started. But then there are also mild and delicate grassy notes to please your palate. There are punchy, spicy aromas to bamboozle your brain. There are zingy citrussy pops to tickle your tongue. And there are woody, earthy elements to make you lick your lips with pure joy. Ginger and orange peel round the whole thing off, creating a refreshing, exciting beverage that'll kick-start a party in your mouth. 

The hops in this IPA bitter help take the edge off of your stress without you needing to down the hard stuff. But if you wanted to get a little wild - and heck, why not - you can spike it up with your favorite liquor.

·         A blend of organic lemons and German hops

·         Hops: Taurus, Perle, Cascade, Tradition

·         Alcohol-free but pairs well with vodka, gin, or pisco

*Available in store only. 

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